What happens if we breakdown?

You are probably thinking, there will be support on route! You are joking surely?

You really would not appreciate it if we deprived you of the uncertainty each day on whether you chosen chariot will make it to the next checkpoint, let alone start in the morning. Breaking down miles from anywhere, on a mountain pass in a strange country must be top banana in the entertainment stakes and worth the entry fee alone as I’m sure several teams will testify when they arrive back home!

Where is Vegas – which Vegas?

That is a Banger Rally Secret… one clue, it’s in Spain!

Where will the rally stop en-route?

This is also top secret. The route and stop over points will be confirmed with each team leader, four weeks in advance of the trip.

Can I raise money for the charities of my choice?

Although the Banger Rally Challenge has 6 Official Charities each team are free to raise money for other good causes if they wish.

Do I have to sleep in a tent?

No! Although camping is included in the cost of entry, each night will have upgrades available. Dependent on availability at the campsites this usually includes chalets or static caravans and these will be available at a cost, on a first come first served basis.

I’m super competitive, are there prizes?

Glory hunter! Managing to coax your chosen wreck to the finish point should be rewarding enough but at the final night’s presentation ceremony, over £2000 worth of cash prize’s will be awarded to the teams scoring the most points in each of the daily tasks and the overall winner will also receive a cash prize and a suitable trophy.

An additional prize of £300 will be awarded for the most imaginative/decorated car and there occupants.

Although every one who takes part is a winner, each participant will also be provided with a fantastic medal memento on finishing.



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